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About Us

MAYYAR United Company for Support Services is a limited liability company specialized in life support services, catering, and hospitality, workplaces and facilities management services in Saudi Arabia. The company operates according to international standards in their respective fields with a view to improving the working environment of the targeted group of clients, and develops work community by offering integrated solutions.

Our Gallery

Hayak: Hayak: is a specialized brand in providing the best food services for educational environments, especially the university environment. The cafeteria specializes in providing a variety of meals suitable for youth tastes. such as grills sandwiches and burgers, as well as soft drinks.

Karak and crepe: Karak and crepe: to sell crepe and waffle and some wrap sandwiches and also cold and hot drinks, and we are famous about Karak tea.

Yama Kan: Yama Kan: For the sale of popular and local dishes and wrap sandwiches such as beans, falafel, shakshuka, and liver. In addition to the hot and cold drinks.

Candy Shop: Candy Shop: Dedicated to selling Snacks such as corn cups, ice cream, Cotton candy, sweets and soft drinks.

Pausa: Pausa: is the restaurant currently located in the French bank and Ahli Bank and serves buffet style. In short, this brand has been allocated to operate restaurants for companies, banks and other large corporation that are sold in an open buffet style.